…And Then Things Got Weird….



Swimming in The Sea of Kosher Bacon (acrylic)

Swimming in The Sea of Kosher Bacon. (Acrylic and ink) 2-20-21

The State Fish of Hawaii in Art

Gladiator (acrylic)

Advice for Young Authors

Young people often ask me, “Should I write a book?”
The answer is ‘No!’

Writing will almost certainly turn you into an alcoholic. Soon enough, after you’ve spent your last feverish hours coughing up your innards in a dank and dark opium den, you will likely die, penniless, on the street beneath yellow snow — Your old fans having turned into your worst critics…

HUMU history051

Rollin' Rollin'

Wakey Wakey Little Zilla

The unsettling summer of 2020.

Greek Mantas Dancing (acrylic 8X10)

Greek Mantas Dancing (acrylic 8X10) Don’t ask me what I’m on.

Legs 3-29-19

Legs (acrylic)

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