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A wee little circumc…uh, snippet from: The Man From Nantucket

“The hair in Sam’s nose and ears caught fire, and the threadbare material of his pants began to dissolve in response to the wench’s corrosive parlance. Mariah’s skirt, now in shreds, was no more than a mop swabbing Sam’s bounding foredeck.”
― from “The Man From Nantucket: The Man From Nantucket (American Legends)”
The Man from Nantucket copy

New Novella: Rock Invasion

Johnny Passion is a washed up pop star, who is lucky enough to be living under the wing of the muse, Therpsicore (Cori). Johnny’s immediate and sole ambition is to live, in peace, under piles of sweet smelling women’s undergarments.

In 1921, Cori was selected, unanimously by the Pantheon of Gods, to be the Goddess of Modern Music. A sacrosanct title. Along with her two alien minions, Buddy and Ada Brill, they’ve created and promoted much of the GOOD music that we Earthlings enjoy today. Together the trio will revive the tired music of the twenty-first century by dropping fresh musical ‘seeds’ and reinventing Johnny Passion’s musical career.

To accomplish their mission, they must defeat the mercurial Anthony Rubio, the God of Sleaze, along with his army of ponytailed middle-aged Hollywood sh*theels.

If you haven’t read The Kingdom of the Cats along with 20,000,000 other readers, in 3000 languages, on 25 continents, then Rock Invasion is a nice introduction:

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Cover Rock Invasion

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