SUVA, Fiji

Fiji Sharks Arrive As Pallbearers:

Chief Ganilau’s “Strange” Funeral

SUVA, Fiji

May 19, 1995

A large school of sharks suddenly surfaced during a 21-gun salute Wednesday, to accompany the funeral-flotilla of President Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau as it sailed from Suva’s harbor to his native South Pacific island of Tavenui. 

Mourners had expected sharks to appear, as Ganilau, a high chief, was believed to be a direct descendant of the shark god Dakuwaqa. The appearance of so many sharks seemed to reaffirm those sacred bloodlines.

“Sharks are rarely seen in the harbor,” according to the Fiji Daily Post.“Not even one!”

“The fact that Governor John ‘Where’s our $350 million, you sphincter?!!!!’” Waihee of Hawaii was also in attendance, had absolutely nothing to do with the appearance of the sharks!” said a U.S. spokesperson.