Another ‘oldie but goody true story from Bloody Good…….

Aussie Loses Same Leg—– Twice!

Melbourne, Australia,

The Swingin’ Sixties

Henry Bource had his left leg taken by a Great White shark for the second time in his life today.While diving and filming underwater footage in 1964, Henry lost his “God given” real left leg, on film, while swimming near the very same beach.

On this unlucky Monday, it was Henry’s newer, artificial leg that attracted the attention of a (perhaps different) White.“That must be some kind of record,” said Mr. Bource. “It probably just mistook my artificial leg for its favorite food–my real left leg.”In 1998, Henry Bource, who was also a well known saxophonist for the band called the Thunderbirds, died recently from leukemia.