…And Then Things Got Weird….


September 2020

Seasons (Kokonuts)

Seasons, like underwear, change once every 3 months.

Sloth, from Kokonuts 1982

“Kokonuts….Soon to be an ‘action packed (Zzzzzzz)’ cartoon book”

Gladiator (acrylic)

Advice for Young Authors

Young people often ask me, “Should I write a book?”
The answer is ‘No!’

Writing will almost certainly turn you into an alcoholic. Soon enough, after you’ve spent your last feverish hours coughing up your innards in a dank and dark opium den, you will likely die, penniless, on the street beneath yellow snow — Your old fans having turned into your worst critics…

Morning Brew

When God doesn’t give you a sign, just paint a new one.

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