…yes, it had to be…heaven. It certainly wasn’t f’ing Iowa.

Then …“Whaaaaaaahhhhhhh…” Bernie wailed in agony.

She pulled the tunic closed when she heard the poor sap cry out. “Oh, no. What did I do? Are you hurting because of the…um, chastity belt? All men should wear one. Hey, moon pie, your cat Bomba says that you dream about Dauna every night and cry out in pain every fifteen minutes.”

Angry, Bernie turned to Bomba. “Bad kitty! You shouldn’t be telling a stranger these… Wait! My cat talked to you? Dammit! He won’t even listen to me!”

The goddess refastened Orion’s Belt around her waist and said, “Remember, I’m a goddess. Not some half-assed straaaaanger. Let’s go, Bomba. We know when we’re not appreciated.”

“Hey, that’s my cat! You can’t take my cat! Wait! I mean, ouch!”

“Yeah… It was nice, Bernie. Sorry about your sheets. Goodnight!”

“What? What about my sheets?” Bernie looked toward his feet. “Holy!” Sprinkled above the heated wine stains, ‘this hoity-toity Artemis person’ had left a cosmic trail of shimmering moon dust the length of his entire body. The air, smelled like a hundred gardenias.

“Don’t go!” Bernie let out the most pitiful wail that the world had heard since that god-forsaken day in 1942 when Bambi’s mom was shot.

Artemis, soft as the moonlight upon her fair skin, leaned over the suffering Bernie’s pillow. “Calm down, stupid Earthling. Breeeeeeathe.” She reached between her thighs and produced a golden flower. “Peace and love, Mr. Establishment!” Magically, she’d made him laugh. And so, so pretty. She twirled the alien blossom, beneath his nose.

Bernie’s brain flipped upside-down within his skull.

Bomba licked his paws as he stared out of the window, embarrassed for his damaged human. His new stripes were blushing pink. The cat tried to console Bernie. “I too tried to resist her too,” Bomba said with his eyes. “But then…the cheeeeeeseburgers…”

“The sun will be rising soon, Bernie.” Artemis patted Bernie’s exhausted little head. “It’s safe to sleep now, but from now on, you’ll have to do your sleeping at work like everyone else.”

Artemis petted the cat with her right hand while, once again she held Bernie’s arms in place beneath her well-toned and infinite thighs. Somehow, thanks to his sturdy pioneer upbringing, Bernie had managed to cup a mighty goddess ass cheek. He’d never felt anything so smooth. Though the pain rushed in like a tsunami, Bernie bravely refused to release his firm grip. He found out that it was foolish to challenge the gods, as Artemis slapped him so hard that he imagined his head unraveling as it spun over the bleachers at Wrigley Field. She’d made him pay dearly, for his indiscretion.

Bomba purred and pulsed with new blue stripes as he faded away. The cat’s smile was all that remained until the yellow sun peeked into Bernie’s room.

Artemis leaned her forever body back and away from Bernie. When he saw his dream melt into the morning light, away from his grasp, he let out the most pitiful wail that the world had ever heard…since, well, the preceding wail—you know, the Bambi one.