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March 2017

:-* Artemis Steals Bernie’s Cat :-*

(From Shark Fin Soup by Fred Barnett)MoonGoddess

The goddess refastened Orion’s Belt around her waist and said, “Remember, I’m a goddess. Not some half-assed straaaaanger. Let’s go, Bomba. We know when we’re not appreciated.”

“Hey, that’s my cat! You can’t take my cat! Wait! I mean, ouch!”

“Yeah… It was nice, Bernie. Sorry about your sheets. Goodnight!”

“What? What about my sheets?” Bernie looked toward his feet. “Holy!” This hoity-toity Artemis person had left a cosmic trail of liquid shimmering moon dust the length of his entire body. The sheets, indeed, smelled like gardenias.

“Don’t go!” Bernie let out the most pitiful wail that the world had heard since that god-forsaken day in 1942 when Bambi’s mom was shot.

Artemis, soft as the moonlight upon her fair skin, leaned over the suffering Bernie’s pillow. “Calm down, earthling. Breeeeeeathe.” She reached between her thighs and produced a golden flower. “Peace and love, Mr. Establishment!” Magically, she’d made him laugh. And so, so pretty. She twirled the alien blossom, beneath his nose.

Bernie’s brain flipped upside-down within his skull.

Bomba licked his paws as he stared out of the window, embarrassed for his damaged human. His new stripes were blushing pink. The cat tried to console Bernie. “I too tried to resist her too,” Bomba said with his eyes.“But then…the cheeeeeeseburgers…”

“The sun will be rising soon, Bernie.” Artemis patted Bernie’s exhausted little head. “Its safe to sleep now, but from now on, you’ll have to do your sleeping at work like everyone else.”

Artemis petted the cat with her right hand while she attempted to hold Bernie’s arms in place beneath the spread of her infinite thighs. Somehow, thanks to his sturdy American pioneer upbringing, Bernie had managed to cup a mighty goddess ass cheek. He’d never felt anything so smooth. Though the pain rushed in like a wave, Bernie bravely refused to release his firm grip. He found out that it  was foolish to challenge the gods, as Artemis slapped him so hard that he imagined his head unraveling as it spun over the bleachers at Ebbets Field. She’d made him pay dearly, for his indiscretion.

Bomba purred and pulsed with new blue stripes as he faded away. The cat’s smile was all that remained until the yellow sun peeked into Bernie’s room.

Artemis leaned her forever body back and away from Bernie. When he saw his dream melt into the morning light, away from his grasp, he let out the most pitiful wail that the world had ever heard…since, well, the preceding wail—you know, the Bambi one.

The Shark Goddess

Book cover : Shark Fin Cover
(Interpol office— Honolulu, 2015)

“Do I know you, agent Robinson?”

“Let’s just say that I’ve been keeping tabs on you, agent Benedict. Have a seat.”

“Please call me Bernie.”

  Dauna walked up to his chair and leaned in. “Do you know me? No, not in the ‘biblical sense, my little god whisperer.”


“Aye aye aye aye? Ah, mi chorizo! You’ve been to Mexico?  I must show you a little trick that I picked up in a Tijuana bar.”

Dauna leaned her back against her cocktail bar on one elbow, and zeroed in on Bernie while she drew down an entire cigarette in one continuous breath. From beneath the hem of Dauna Robinson’s skirt, a trail of smoke descended like a slo-mo waterfall into a pool that swirled and bathed her delicate feet.

“Did you like that? Do you talk, hun?” Dauna’s soft eyes were drinking in her new human chew-toy from head to toe.

Bernie watched her rub her cigarette butt into her masochistic ashtray. ‘Masochistic?Why would an ashtray be masochistic? What’s wrong with me? Locked and loaded, rocking, she closed in on her prey.

The rhythm! The shark! THIS might be a good time to panic.

Dauna smiled in response to his thoughts, wide and hungry. SHARK! You fuckwad! Leave now! Bernie cautiously backed toward the door as she mercilessly dipped and swirled her thick hair beneath him, filling his useless head with a near leathal dose of her Home Wrecker Perfume. 

Dauna the Fijian Shark Goddess relished watching the silly mortal turn into easy-to-digest molten, runny, squishy mush. 

:-( My Rejection Letter :-(


A publisher that I’d met at a party once asked me,

“Would you like my honest opinion on your work?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“It’s worthless,” he said.

“Okay,” I said. “Please, tell me anyways.”


Mr. ———,

So that you never send us another manuscript, let me offer you a free list of reasons why we’ve rejected your so-called book, ‘Buried Alive.’

Let us begin with the book’s cover:

Buried Alive is an apt title, prophetic even, as it will surely come to pass. Unfortunately, ‘Buried Alive’ has also been used over 20,000 times. Try something more original like ‘Some Jerk Cut Down a Tree for This?

Regarding the cover art: I’d rather look at dirt being shoveled on my face from the bottom of a lonely, cold, dank grave.

Your author photo: Our office staff sincerely hopes that the image on the sleeve wasn’t your face. But, thanks for the laughs. I’d hate to see what the bus that hit you looks like.

Regarding your intro: It should have been the outro.

Your plot (?): was weighed down by inane ramblings. I was surprised the book had a spine strong enough to hold all Four-hundred and fifty pages.

Only the table of contents made sense. No, it didn’t.

The phrase ‘The End,’ though unoriginal, was a welcome touch.

Your story: I’m amazed that the package didn’t set off ‘the Stupid Alarm’ at the Post Office, and made it past quarantine. Next time, mail your novel in a self-addressed, stamped, travel and motion sickness bag.

Somehow, your manuscript ended up in the litter box. Miss Kitty ‘went’ in my shoes instead. I’m curious about one thing, when you were a kid and your dog ate your homework, did it die afterward?

Your main character’s coma-inducing story arc flat-lined seven chapters before his demise, I assume, from boredom. I wanted to scream, “Get a death!”

Your characters: Non-dimensional — perhaps as shallow as your gene pool.

The appendix: should be removed — without anesthesia — using a plastic Taco Bell spork.

About you, the Author and your message: I’ve met more interesting manikins at Macy’s when I was drunk.

Overall quality: Your tale works better than Ipecac syrup. In fact, I’d say it was a three-bag story.

 I think my puke just puked.


Name withheld by request

Final Chance Publishing

Brunch with the Chief

Chief Mmrall was due back from his Alaskan cruise, and Monq was sure that the chief would serve him as a main course on the Royal Sunday Brunch Buffet table. Monq saw himself, filleted on a plate, right next to the scrambled, rare purple porpoise eggs.

Yes, porpoise eggs.

The jolly 400-pound chief had come back to the village and nothing was said about Monq’s transgression. Without any notice, one Sunday morning, two of the village’s largest warriors, Mmrush and Mmrove (Bob and Ed), knocked upon the door of the Monq family hut. Whish. Whish. (They were knocking on a grass door).

“Who’s there?”

“It’s Mmus, Monq. Bob and Ed. The chief wants to see you for breakfast! Now!”

Monq, put on his best Sunday-go-to-eatin’ loincloth, kissed his wife a tearful goodbye and went to the chief’s hut accompanied by the two warriors.

“Monq!” said the jovial chief, Mmrall. “Have you had your morning kava yet?”

“Mmmmm. No, Your Highness.”

“Do you take fruit bat milk in it?”

“No, Your Highness.”

“Lady fingers?”

“No, thank you, Your Highness. Can I ask why you sent for me?”

“Have you heard of the mad Viking Edwin MacHeath??”

“MacHeath? Sure. He’s one baaaaaad…”

“Shut your mouf!”

“Sorry, Your Highness.”

“Just fuckin’ with you, Monq.”

“Our leader, MacHeath, needs a bunch of young, stupid, crazy bastards, just like you. There is going to be a battle. Go. Get your canoe ready. You leave at high tide. When you return, call me. We’ll have dinner.” The chief showed his ragged-toothed smile again. “Don’t worry. You’ll love our buffet. We’ll order pizza…with everyone on it.”

“Your Highness?”

“Hah! I’m just busting your bolas, kid.”



(They may lay dormant, sometimes for years. Then BOOM!)

Three gazillion times upon a time…..


(Asteroids getting their rocks off…)

Ten billion years ago two asteroids from opposite ends of the newly expanded universe crashed head-on into each other. (Okay, you want an explanation?  Zeus and Leto, husband and wife, throwing shit at each other during dinner. “You want another meat ball, asshole? Here’s your goddamned meat ball?”) There was a great explosion and together the pieces, caught in a gravitational pull, ended up plunging into the near-boiling oceans of an emerging planet, Earth.

Both asteroids carried the basic building blocks of life.

The future lovers, Chloe and Brady simmered slowly together until they mixed with other ingredients producing their first billion one-celled offspring (eukaryotes), all named either Cassie or Cassius — depending on their random choice of eukaryote underwear — who, bored sh*tless, after another two billion years — discovered hot sex.

Before becoming human, the eternal lovers, Chloe and Brady had also ‘experimented’ as insects.)

Insect sex rarely worked out well for Chloe, who was often assaulted by swarms of horny males on mating day, or for Brady, who often ended up headless or cannibalized.

But…at least to Brady (I cannot speak for his ‘hottie.’) …. well, Brady was ecstatic that he got laid, while his surviving mate, Chloe, usually got stuck taking care of hundreds of thousands screaming, pooping larva.


Eat me, Baby! — The Cannibalistic Lives of Black Widows — by I.M. Glootenfree

Mr. Praying Mantis — Losing his Head (and not giving it a second thought!) by I. Gumby

Mayflies: Stupid, Smiling Males Going Down in Flames by Ari Havinfunyet

The Mile High Club of Honey Bees by Stamen and Pistil

My Imaginary Childhood Friends


“Who’s the dirty rat?” — Tommy Udo, Professional psychotic gangster.


“Mrs. Deutsch? Can I talk to you?”

“Of course, Mr. Al. What is this about?” Freddy’s mom asked.

“Well, we’ve had a complaint from one of our long time residents. Your son’s pet alligator bit the ankle of an elderly woman yesterday, just outside the lobby, so we really can’t let him walk his pet through the lobby, near the guests. We really don’t even allow pets in the hotel, so Freddy will have to keep his little friend in the room or give him away. I’m so sorry, Freddy. You know that I like your Little Al, too.”

“All right,”  Freddy’s imaginary childhood friend,Tommy Udo, said from somewhere above (perhaps on the second floor landing), “Who’s the canary that made it so my pal here can’t take his baby croc for a walk through the lobby anymore?”

“It’s a caiman!” whispered Freddy, at the ceiling. His mother looked at him strangely.

 “Who’s the lousy rat?” continued Udo. “Me and my friend, Mr. Colt wanna talk with the stool pigeon. We’re pals ain’t we, Freddy?”

Freddy repeated, “Who’s the lousy rat?”

“Rat?” Al the clerk asked. “Does Freddy watch many James Cagney movies, Mrs. Deutsch? Where did you learn to speak like that, Freddy? Listen, son, I’m not allowed to tell you who it was that made the complaint. Your ‘Little One….'”

“Give the kid a f…n break with that ‘Little One’ name. He’s only six!” said Udo, from the second story.

“Button up, Udo!” Freddy shouted up at the ceiling. “There’s already enough heat down here.”

“Huh?” they all said.

“Little Al is getting to be a big gator, and you two almost gave one of our 85-residents a heart attack. Did you know that little Al took a piece of her ankle off? So no more ‘dinosaur walks’ Freddy,” the desk clerk said with a pointed finger. “Listen, I’ve got to get back out front. Sorry to bother all of you. Good day.”

* * * *

When Freddy slept that night, he was visited by his imaginary personal raven-haired pagan goddess friend. Bettie Page wore the same leopard-skin bikini that she wore on Uncle Louie’s ‘holy shrine’ pinup calendar.

“Wow! We alligators sure have fun in Florida!” said the lucky, smiling reptile who was about to turn Bettie’s tanned c tush into its favorite chew toy.

In the vivid airbrushed dream, the alligator was still poised to bite, as Bettie talked to Freddy in breathy Goddessese.

“Freddy, you must learn how to express yourself through the fine art of letters. Ask your brother Bob to teach you.”

Freddy could swear that he smelled his goddess’s delicious peanut butter and jelly perfume.

Bettie spoke to him almost every day.

“Freddy… your big brother … knows… dirrrrrrrty … words.”

“Dirty words? Like soil? Mud?” Freddy said out loud in his sleep. “What do you mean Bettie?”

When Freddy awoke that morning, he followed the advice of his goddess, and asked his brother Bob to teach him how to write a letter.

“Bettie told me that I should learn how to write. She told me that last night,  after she dropped her bath towel….again.”

“Who? She what?”

Mom turned from the stove and said to Bob, “Bettie Page, is the girl on the calendar wearing the leopard-skin bikini — with the alligator biting her tush. Freddy also thinks that she’s his imaginary friend.” Damn that Uncle Louie.

Bob said, “Huh?”

Freddy whispered in his ear, “Bob! I need to learn how to read and write.”

In the Goddess Bettie’s exact words, Freddy wanted to say, “Big brother! Bwana Devil! I must learn how to express lofty platitudes and reveal my deepest feelings and my most secret desires and inner thoughts to the world.”

Instead, he whispered, “I can barely scribble ‘See Spot run’ using my broken Crayolas.”

“Huh?” said Bob.

Next, Freddy needed to find out who had complained to Big Al about Little Al.

Freddy could hear the voice of his other friend, the murderous Tommy Udo, above, on the second floor, “Tell dat lousy stool pidgin in no unsoitin toims exakly—”

“Zip it Tommy! I’m warning you!”


“Bob,” whispered Freddy, “is mom listening? Good. Listen. I need to write a dirty letter to the fink.”

Freddy heard Tommy Udo say, “… Then we’ll push the old bat’s wheel chair off of the landing on the second floor and snap her old turkey neck. Heeheeeeheeeeeeheeeeeheeeeeeheeeeeheeeeee. Ain’t I your best pal, Freddy?”

Freddy turned to Bob and said, “Tommy said that I want to make certain that the stool pigeon who ratted, uh, fibbed on me, knows that I’m really, really mad and… sniff… made me cry! Then we’ll push the old bats’s wheelchair off of the landing up on the second floor and snap her old turkey neck. Heeeeheeeeheeeeheeeee….”


“What’s a stool pigeon? My pal, Tommy, said that ‘the old fossil sung like a canary and may know a few other tunes.’ What does he mean?”

“Do I know this Tommy?” brother Bob asked. “Is he your friend?”

“Tommy also said that I should ‘leave notes, as a warning, just to make sure that all the other geezers know that I mean business.’”

The message was clear. Bob knew what his little brother was asking for and offered to teach him to “write his ‘favoritest’ word.”

* * * *

“It is a very powerful word,” said Bob. “I guess. Almost as powerful as doo-doo. Certainly more powerful than pee-pee. The older kids say it all the time. They usually say it when they are mad.”

“What does it mean?”

“I dunno, but it’s also called a ‘dirty word.'”

“What’s a ‘dirty word’?”

“I dunno, but Mom scolds me whenever I say it, so it must be a bad word.”

“Oh, I get it. A bad word like poopy. It’s worser than poopy?”

“Worse than horse poopy!”

“Worser than Frankenstein poopy or elephant poopy?”

“Yeah, even worse than tyrannosaurus poopy!”

“Worser than brontosaurus poopy?”

“Yeah even worse than house-sized Godzilla poopy!”


“It’s easy to write. Gimme your crayon. Here’s how you write it… F-U… “


(In the words of Freddy’s third bestest imaginary friend, Boris Karloff)

Within in one hour little Freddy had become a mathter (master) of Crayola calligraphy, writing thith magical and powerful word with the thkill, color, and beauty befitting an illuminator of medieval texths.”

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